Silence is Golden…except in Publishing

Hello again.

I’ve been quiet for months.  Part was due to life getting wonderfully in the way with a new grandson, enjoying family, and a new Harley…part was struggling with what to add after the post about the signing event in Gilroy, CA.

I would like to say the event was great, that it was everything I hoped it would be, and that I was planning many more.  The truth is…it was one of the most disheartening events since being published.  I plan to write a blog soon about why it was so disappointing.

Like many authors, I thought that getting a publisher to read my manuscript, and then actually offer me a contract, would start my path toward fulfillment as an author.  Unfortunately, it was not — not even after publishing three novels. And it has taken me months to decide what I wanted to do moving forward.

Each of my novels were inspired by real events, real places, and real experiences. They were fun to write, and hopefully for my readers, fun to read.  And after a hiatus, I’m ready to continue.  I have two novels in the starting phases.  One is a sequel to The 30 Day Gamble and the other is a mystery/paranormal romance set in Virginia about which I’m very excited.

I hope you will continue to watch my fan page on Facebook and Amazon for my next adventure.  In the meantime, thank you for reading and…

Begin a new romance and fall in love. :-)




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Book Signing + Wine Tasting = Perfect Combination for Romance Fans

I’m joining bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton and Siren Author Missy Martine for an afternoon of signing books at the fabulous Sarah’s Vineyard Tasting Room.  We would love to see you there.

Come Talk With The Authors
Meet Best Selling Romance Authors
Missy Martine
Sharon Hamilton
Jill Blair

  Saturday, June 21st
1 PM until 4 PM
Sarah’s Vineyard Tasting Room 4005 Hecker Pass Road Gilroy, CA  95020

Here’s a small biography for Sharon…
NYT and USA/Today and Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton’s SEAL Brotherhood series have earned her Amazon author rankings of #1 in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Contemporary Romance. Her characters follow a sometimes rocky road to redemption through passion and true love. Her Golden Vampires of Tuscany earned her a #1 Amazon author ranking in Gothic Romance.

Missy and my bio’s can be found at


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Spring is in the Air


And so is travel and romance.

Hop a plane with Simone to North Dakota, Sarah to Cozumel, and Jacelyn to Las Vegas and experience their amazing journey of highs — and lows — as they discover and fight to keep love.

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The Romance Studio Thanksgiving Party Winners Announced

The Romance Studio threw a great Thanksgiving Party last month and to thank my readers…and potential readers…I gave away a free eBook of my two newest steamy romances, The Depth of Desire and Early Surrender.


Congratulations to Naomi and Marilyn.  I look forward to your comments. :-)


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Exquisite Quills Blog on November 2

I’m on the Exquisite Quills blog today.  Come see what my guilty pleasures are and feel free to leave a comment.

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New 5 Star Review for Early Surrender!

A new review posted to for my newest steamy romance, Early Surrender.  This is why I write…

Fantastic story!  Almost had me in tears in parts – I was on tenterhooks rooting for Jacelyn and Nick to get together.  Love scenes in particular were beautifully written.  Great story-line and vivid descriptions.  Believable characters. Loved the surprise in the ending.  Jill Blair has just become one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait to start reading the rest of her books.

Read it at

Buy Early Surrender at

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New Book Trailer for Early Surrender

The new video for Early Surrender was just uploaded to YouTube.

I encourage and appreciate all views and Likes…

Here’s more exciting news — Early Surrender is now #3 on the BookStrand Mainstream top 25 list and has received its first 5 star review!

Romance Reader 76 wrote:

Heartwarming story, with a sizzle, that had me turning pages as fast as I could read.

The author superbly pulled me into Jacelyn’s and Nick’s memories, personal pain, and the irresistible attraction and passion that had endured through the years. She tastefully takes the reader into the bedroom, and the bed, offering the perfect amount of heat without being offensive.  It was a great read.

Have you read it yet?



I would love to read your comments about the new video and the novel.





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Early Surrender Releases September 17th

My newest novel, Early Surrender, officially releases on September 17th and is now available for pre-order at 10% off.


This is a very bad idea, Jacelyn thought to herself as she watched Nick remove his white velour robe and dive lithely into the water. She couldn’t tear her eyes from his muscular form taking sure strokes across the length of the pool, doing laps. Without the everyday boundaries of clothes or work responsibilities, Nick’s raw virility clearly revealed itself to her. She allowed herself to imagine the feeling of her fingers running unrestrained across the wet smooth skin, the chiseled muscles.

Embarrassed by her promiscuous thoughts about a man she should loathe, Jacelyn jerked her eyes away, laid back, and floated on the water’s surface.


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The Depth of Desire is Climbing the Bestseller List

The Depth of Desire has been out for just 3 weeks and has already climbed to #5 on the Top 25 Mainstream Bestsellers at  Come see what all the excitement is about!

YouTube Book Trailer:


Sarah sat up in bed with a start, drenched in sweat and her breaths coming in ragged gasps. Disoriented, it took a few moments to remember where she was and who slept in the room next to hers, separated only by thin plaster walls. Oh God! Had her screams and moans been real? And if so, how loud had she screamed?

Mortified and panicked, she quickly looked at the bottom of her bedroom door and could see light peeking in from the crack. She let out the breath she was holding as relief flooded her body, David wasn’t home yet. Even if her screams had been aloud, there was no one to hear them. Thank God.

Sarah breathed a second sign of relief and relaxed against the pillows to contemplate her dream. It had seemed so real—so erotically real! Her skin still tingled from where his fingers had touched her and she still throbbed between her legs from the feel of being entered. She had never experienced anything like it before, not in a dream or, sadly, in real life. No man had ever taken her to a point of such ecstasy that her release came in screams of pleasure, much less tears.

Have you?


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The Depth of Desire is Now Available for Pre-Order

My new steamy romance, The Depth of Desire, is ready for pre-order at the discounted price of $3.59. Hurry to get this 10% discount.

Come see the new book trailer on Youtube:


She heard a knock at her bedroom door and grabbed the orange cotton bath sheet hanging next to the shower, “Is that you David?”
“Yes.” The outer door opened and David started to enter the room. “Just wanted to see if you…” He stopped midsentence and midstep when he saw her standing in the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom in nothing but the towel. His eyes scanned up and down her body before he stammered, “Oh, sorry!” and quickly turned around.
“Seriously, David? I appreciate the chivalry, but we’re practically related and I’m completely covered.” Sarah kept her voice casual but her heart skipped a beat seeing him so close. She suddenly felt very naked under the thin cloth. “You’re like my brother,” she said, trying to remind herself along with him.
He turned slightly but kept his eyes averted toward the floor as he said in a disheartened voice. “Yeah. Right. A brother.”
“Oh, you know what I mean. It’s not like we’re all hot and bothered for each other.” Her body contradicted her words. She felt her breathing ratchet up a notch, her temperature up a degree.
“Really, I thought you were into my new style.” He quipped, humor back in his tone.
“I have to admit, this new look is very cute.” And muscular…and sexy…and alluring, she finished in her mind. He was much more appealing now that he was relaxed and happy, tan and buff. Her heart thumped hard against her ribs. “You are much more attractive as a Mexican beach bum than you were a stuffy banker. The poor Mexican women must be lining up.” She only half-teased.
With his back half-turned to her, she could appreciate how the filtered sunlight from the French doors illuminated the way his cotton tee shirt stretched indecently across broad shoulders and shadowed the rigid sinew of muscle. She wondered what it would feel like to run her fingers over those brawny shoulders, down that firm back. The image filled her brain and she felt herself moisten in response. Shocked, she quickly shook the dangerous thoughts from her head.
David tilted his head as he asked, “What? Why couldn’t I have women lining up?”
She blushed at having physically shaken her head to clear her lusty thoughts. “No, the cute comment stands.” She paused, silently counting to ten, trying to control her body’s reaction to him. She needed to change the subject. More, she needed David to leave before her crazy thoughts had her doing something equaling crazy, like dropping her towel and jumping his bones. God, I have gone over the edge!  She struggled to make her voice sound casual. “Hey, I thought I would take a bath and a short nap, unless you have other plans.”
“No, I still need to get everyone in your group settled. I just wanted to make sure you were settled and to thank you again for being so accommodating.”
“I’m good. What time is dinner?” She hoped her voice didn’t sound as breathless as she felt. Just a few more seconds.
“Cocktails at six, dinner at seven. That gives you a couple of hours to rest before drinks.”
“That sounds great, David. I’ll see you down there.” That was her exit line, but her feet stubbornly remained in the danger zone between the safety of the cool bathroom and the molten heat of David.
“I’ll be in to change for dinner, so we can walk over together. Okay?” He seemed to hesitate before turning toward the open door.
“Sure.” Then, for the first time since David’s knock, she thought of Cliff. “Hey, just to let you know. I’ve been kinda dating the group leader, Cliff Reed, for the last couple of weeks. I will need to explain the room situation with him at dinner. He might misunderstand the sleeping arrangements, so if he acts…well…rude, you’ll understand why.”
David froze in the doorway, hand on the knob, and turned toward her in response. “All right, I’ll leave that to you.” Then she saw a mischievous smile curve his lips. “But fair warning, I may play it up a bit if he acts like an ass.”
“After his behavior on the trip down, I might even ask you to.” She held up her hand to stop him when it looked as though he was going to ask her to expound, “I’ll explain later—maybe. Right now, I hear bubbles calling my name.” She joked as she walked back into the bathroom and closed the door. She leaned her fevered back against the cool wood and held her breath until she heard the latching sound of the outer door.
Whew! She gave herself a mental high five for successfully escaping before doing something unforgivably stupid and hung the towel on the hook. She sank into the tepid bubbles and refused to ponder on what just happened.

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